Who's Seb Dancer-Michel?

27 years old, hailing from Toulouse, France 🇫🇷, living in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱. Curious about mostly everything. An optimist at heart, always tries to focus on the bright side of things. A lover of memes, cats, red pandas, and cute animals in general. A millenial in mind and spirit. Will always stand for helping the greater cause and improve our society in a more sustainable way.


Working full time at Your Majesty to build robust and elegant web interfaces for ambitious organisations such as Airbnb, The Los Angeles Lakers, Adidas, Dopper and V&A Dundee.


I worked as a web developer at:

  • Werkstatt (2019) — 6 mo. apprenticeship
  • Your Majesty (2018) — 5 mo. internship
  • Cinémur (2017) — 4 mo. internship
  • Purée Maison (2016) — 3 mo. internship
  • Oréalys (2015) — 3 mo. internship

I studied at HETIC between 2014 and 2019, going through a multi-disciplinary program teaching us design, web development, communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, and which more importantly gave us the skill to keep learning.

I was involved with the largest student movement in France, the Junior-Entreprises. I worked for 1 year at HETIC's own J.E., Synerg'hetic, then volunteered to work as part of the team of 20 students managing the French confederation on a national level.

Now that I'm "retired", I still help the new generation from time to time, being an advisor on the Alumni group, and sharing my experience as an advocate for the digital transformation and the culture revolving around it.

This website

is my self-owned, self-built, self-hosted piece of land on the vast infinite World Wide Web. It's my own little garden where I can grow whatever ideas I have.