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Web developer – – Q3/4 2024

Hi there!

I’m Seb, a web developer with 5+ years of experience making

With an affinity for front-end development and UI design, I focus my efforts on crafting adequate interfaces between humans and technology.

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29 years old, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands and originally from Toulouse, France. Curious about mostly everything. An optimist at heart, always tries to focus on the bright side of things. A lover of memes, cats, red pandas, and cute animals in general. A millenial in mind and spirit. Will always strive to improve our world in the smallest ways.

Seb Dancer-Michel

Solving puzzles is what I love doing most.

To find pragmatic solutions to practical problems and ideas. Whether it’s building a web page, a contact form, an interactive installation, or a hands-free display, I’m always looking to shape the adequate interface.

I have a broad horizontal knowledge of all things Internet and tech, and my curiosity pushes me to learn new things and adapt to the fast changing Web continuously.

What I use regularly: HTML, CSS, Javascript/Typescript, ReactJS, and ThreeJS.


  • 2023-now – Freelance
  • 2019-2023 – Your Majesty – full time contract
  • 2018 – Werkstatt – 6 mo. apprenticeship
  • 2017 – Your Majesty – 5 mo. internship
  • 2016 – Cinémur – 4 mo. internship
  • 2015 – Purée Maison – 3 mo. internship
  • 2014 – Oréalys – 2 mo. internship

I studied at HETIC (and got my masters degree) between 2014 and 2019, going through a multi-disciplinary program teaching us design, web development, communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, and everything else.

I was involved with the largest student movement in France, the Junior-Entreprises. I worked for 1 year at HETIC's own J.E., Synerg'hetic, then volunteered to work as part of the team of 20 students managing the French confederation on a national level.


  • SwatcheditorNext.js, Storyblok, Three.js
    Next.js, Storyblok, Three.js

    For Swatcheditor, I have built a 3D model vieweran interactive webapp to preview textile patterns true-to-life in a 3D setting.

  • adidas – Tresc RunElectron, Tensorflow, GSAP, Node.js
    Electron, Tensorflow, GSAP, Node.js

    For adidas, I have built an app that makes GIFsan interactive GIF-omaton for a fashion launch event.

  • DopperNext.js, Node.js, GSAP, Three.js, CraftCMS
    Next.js, Node.js, GSAP, Three.js, CraftCMS

    For Dopper, I have added many moduleshelped a B corp expand the ways they tell their story online.

  • V&A DundeeRuby on Rails (then Next.js, Storyblok)
    Ruby on Rails (then Next.js, Storyblok)

    For V&A Dundee, I have updated the website for 4 yearsworked hand in hand with the museum's team to leverage their online presence to improve their visitor experience.

  • Sotheby'sNext.js, react-spring
    Next.js, react-spring

    For Sotheby's, I have built a new set of modulesgiven editorial curators the power to create richer and more interactive digital catalogues for their incredible collections.

  • Your MajestyNext.js, Three.js, GSAP, react-spring, fun
    Next.js, Three.js, GSAP, react-spring, fun

    For Your Majesty, I have made useless thingsbuilt many small expriments and interactive playthings for research, internal activities, and company events.

Other clients

Please ask if you want to know more!

Available for work!

I'm available to take on new projects starting Q3/4 2024:

  • Amsterdam, hybrid or remote
  • Front-end web development, and also very interested in creative installations and explorations
  • Javascript/Typescript, React, CSS, Three.js (familiar with Vue/Svelte too)
  • I'm always open to discuss new opportunities. Feel free to reach out!

If my profile sounds interesting to you, please reach out via emailemail or through any of my socials.

See you on the Internet! 👋

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